What are the Critical Characteristics Needed to Accomplish Your Mission?

Knowing Them and Articulating Them Are Two Completely Different Things

Last week I wrote about the importance of having a mission and why it matters. I shared that I’m going through the Business Made Simple University’s Mission Statement Made Simple with a friend. This week’s focus is determining the Key Characteristics needed to accomplish the mission.

These characteristics are things that you and anyone on your team need to have. They are distinguishing traits and qualities that are an integral part of accomplishing your mission. They are qualities that direct and motivate you and those around you to push forward toward a common goal.

If a team isn’t clear on the objective, the chances of winning aren’t very good.

A good example of this type of connection is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. For several years we’ve led this class at our church. There are some words, actions or items that when shared or displayed in public will invoke a connected response from people you don’t even know. There is an immediate association with anyone who has gone through the class or is familiar with the program.

If we can’t explain our mission and communicate it clearly, we can’t expect to accomplish it. We will flounder in a fog with no direction.

Sharing characteristics with others ignites a connection that is immediately felt and hard to explain.

Like the mission, the characteristics need to be concise and memorable.

I have a list of core values that is the foundation of my life and businesses. I review them daily; the problem is that it needs to be narrowed down to a sharable list that will provide laser focus for achieving the mission.

Core values:

Values are the foundation; characteristics are the cornerstone.

Like the mission, the critical characteristics should be reviewed periodically, updated and improved as needed.

Current key characteristics:

  • Servant’s Heart – Focus on our purpose to help others find solutions for building their dreams.
  • Flexibly Rigid – Clarity of purpose with the ability to change directions as needed to serve that purpose.
  • Problem Solver – Driven to find solutions, whatever, whenever and wherever issues are encountered.

These characteristics need to encompass the core values and align with and support the mission

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I’m concerned that the above characteristics are too vague and don’t provide a clear understanding of what is needed to carry out this mission. I feel them in my heart, but I need to communicate them clearly.

I will be working on this over the next several days and will let you know what I come up with.

Any thoughts or input you would like to share are appreciated.

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