Using Core Values as My Life Filter

The Core Is What Holds All of the Good Stuff Together

I have been studying and researching for the past several years on how to be the best ME. To become who God intends ME to be. As a part of this quest, I have been working on designing and living a life plan. This life plan is changing, improving and getting better each year. I will continue to improve on it for the rest of my life. My life plan helps give me clarity and direction on how I should live my life.

As a part of my life plan I have what I call my life filter. This filter consists of my priorities (God, spouse, kids, etc.) and my twelve core values. This is what I use to determine which things I should and shouldn’t do. Not everyone’s core values will be the same. It is up to you to decide what yours are.

Core values are fundamental beliefs. They are your guiding principles. The definition of CORE is – the central or most important part of something. This is the most inner part of who you are. This is like your conscience. The deep down, on the inside, who God made you to be. VALUES are – the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something; a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life. This is the part that you choose. How you want to be, how you will treat others, etc. This doesn’t mean they have to be good. Some people’s values may be selfish or greedy, but regardless, we choose what values we will live by.

My core values are a collection of things that I’m naturally good at and some things…not so much. Things that I’m constantly working to get better at. They’re all things that are in alignment with what I believe God wants from me and for me.

My Core Values, other than  the first one, are in no significant order. Some you may recognize as quotes or common sayings. Others are things that I have modified in some way that is meaningful to me and some I conceived on my own. All of them are values I hold high and am striving to live out daily. Here they are:

  1. Honor God in all that I do
  2. Pay attention to detail
  3. Spend time wisely, there is a limited amount
  4. Never be satisfied with mediocrity
  5. Find and maintain the balance in everything
  6. Move the mountain one shovel full at a time
  7. Remember that I have two ears and one mouth
  8. Avoid drama
  9. Be accountable
  10. Take off the blinders, be more observant
  11. Make all I can, Save all I can, Give all I can
  12. Intentional action

In future blogs I plan to break down each of these core values and give you more insight into what they mean to me and how I try to live them daily. Let me know if any of these resonate with you or what some of yours are.

4 thoughts on “Using Core Values as My Life Filter”

  1. My first value is the same and I find it is the scale to which I hold all my other values. There may be lots of other things that I want to achieve, but if it isn’t God’s will, there’s no value in it.


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