Building the Life of Your Dreams and Loving It

A Builder’s Valentine Message


I love my vocation. The purpose for which we have been created, is so much more than a job. I love waking up every morning and knowing there are countless possibilities and opportunities to help people build their dreams. I mean I really love my life. Is it perfect? No, not by a long shot. Are there bad days? Sure. But perfection isn’t a requirement for loving the chance to fulfill your purpose.

I thought this topic was appropriate since I am writing this on Valentine’s Day. The day most associated with love.

What is love? Webster’s Dictionary defines love as –


A feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; preeminent kindness or devotion to another... or especially, devoted attachment to, or tender or passionate affection for or affection; kind feeling; friendship; strong liking or desire; fondness; good will;…

This is a pretty good description of how I feel about my life, but I like what the site says even better. Love is a “purposeful commitment to sacrificial action for another.” I think this is what we should all be about as we interact in our daily lives.

Last year I shared my core values in “Using Core Values as My Life Filter” and in that post, I said I would go deeper into each of them. A few weeks ago, I started that when I wrote about “Intentional action” in “Getting Back to the Core“. In that post I said that the next core value that I would write about was “Finding and maintaining the balance in everything”. Well guess what, that’s not what this is about.

Since this is Valentine’s Day I felt that “Honor God in all that I do” was a more fitting topic.

I believe that everything we have or do, belongs to and comes from God. In that case, it is only right that I HONOR HIM by showing my appreciation, by giving Him the credit for my life. By loving Him.

As a builder I really connect with God as a designer/builder. He has drawn a blueprint for each and every one of us. He has made all of those plans different. Some may be similar, but every single one is unique. It is our job to learn to read our own blueprints and start swinging the hammer and driving the nails to build who we were designed to be.

I have been reading Shauna Niequist’s book, “Present Over Perfect” and she points out that the “…God of the universe planted deep inside of each of us a set of loves and dreams and idiosyncrasies and we can ignore them as long as we want, but they will at some point start yelling. Worse than that, if you ignore them long enough they will go silent and that’s the real tragedy.” Don’t ignore your blueprint.

Look for and find your blueprint and start building your dream life. There is no better way to Honor God than this.

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