Things Have a Way of Changing Quickly

In Times of Change it is Important to Keep Your Focus

If you had told someone a few weeks ago that there wouldn’t be any toilet paper in the stores…schools would be closed…all sporting events would be canceled…people would be staying at home…they wouldn’t have believed you. We definitely are experiencing some change.

This change has happened quickly, but that’s nothing new.

When Jesus came into Jerusalem on Psalm Sunday, He was viewed by many as a hero that was going to lead the people to a new kingdom. Then in a matter of a few days, He was dead. Things changed quickly from celebration to sorrow. Then in a few more days there was another change. He was raised from death to life.

There are positive changes coming in our future.

Some people didn’t like Jesus’ message. Some people don’t like our message. Just like Jesus, not everyone is going to understand or like our message. It can be hard to continue sharing our message when it feels like no one is listening. We need to focus on the message we’ve been given and never stop sharing it.

Jesus was a small country boy who started speaking to a small following. He kept sharing His message He never quit or gave up. He shared it with a few people who then shared it with a few people who shared with a few more. Look at how many people have heard it now. Proof that networking can work to build a community of followers.

The right message shared with the right people at the right time will have a major impact.

It’s not our job to know who the right people are or when the right time is. Our job is to focus on the message. To share, share again and share some more.


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