Why Choose Trick over Treat…Isn’t Treat the Better Choice?

You Would Think So, But Construction Companies Do It All The Time

Halloween is almost here. Most of us have done trick or treating as kids. You know, that tradition where children dress up in costumes and go from house to house asking for treats with the phrase “trick or treat”.

The “treat” is usually some form of candy/sweets, although it might be some other small gift. The “trick” refers to a threat, usually an idle one, to perform mischief on the resident(s) or their property if no treat is given. 

Sure, there’s some cost to buying the candy and it requires some time to answer the door and pass out candy, but given the choice…

As a property owner…a treat seems like the better choice.

If the treat is the better choice, why do construction companies continually insist on tricks?

I’ve written a lot about construction companies being scared to do things differently. They’re stuck in the rut of “we’ve always done it this way”. Trying to build your dream business this way is like being in a horror movie.

Everything is predictable. Rather than doing something different, they hide in the basement, the attic or behind the chainsaws, when they could just get in the running car.

Hiding behind chainsaws is what most construction companies do. They choose the discomfort of the known trick, over the uncertain treat.

I don’t think these companies started out hoping to have unhappy customers, or not have enough money to pay the bills, or to be working 70-80 hours a week for minimum wage.

The reason most construction businesses are stuck here is fear. They are afraid that trying something different might not work. They choose the discomfort of the known over the unknown.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

This is why over 30 years ago I decided that I wasn’t going to hide behind the chainsaws anymore and I got in the running car (okay, really it was truck).

Did everything I try work…no. Was it scary…yes. But I didn’t stop, I kept trying until it did. Then I worked on it some more to make it better. And then I started working on a new and different business tool or system.

This is where I figured out the 5-step business BUILDing process. I BECAME AWARE that what I was doing wasn’t working. Then as I researched, I began to UNDERSTAND the problems. Next, I compiled INFORMATION about what was needed and began IMPLEMENTING new tools and systems into my business. The more I used these tools, the more I LEARNED and the easier it became. This process led to BUILDing my DREAM business.

The great thing is, YOU don’t have to go through the long, hard, and scary process to build your dream construction business by yourself.

You can get the tools and systems that we use by going to the Business BUILDing Toolbox and get started quicker, and it’s less scary. If you would like to learn more about these tools and systems, check out the 5-step Business BUILDING Process. To learn more about how these business tools and systems can help you build your dream business, schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Set yourself apart from your competition by choosing the treat over the trick.