Learn How to BUILD the Construction Business of Your Dreams

The Final Building Blocks in the 5-Step Foundation of Your Business

Dreaming big has always been my nature. Early in my life I had some really big dreams. The problem arose when these dreams didn’t come true. That’s when disappointment and a sense of failure set in.

This discouragement is why over 60% of US construction companies fail within the first five years. People’s business dreams aren’t going according to plan, and they don’t know what else to do but quit.

When I found myself struggling with feelings of failure, I concluded that my dreams must have been wrong. That’s when God got my attention with a smack upside the head…literally.

God wants us to dream big. Mark 11:23-24

The thing that I realized after this wakeup call was…God wasn’t going to do this for me…He was going to do it with me. And I had to get off my “but” and stop making excuses. If I wanted to BUILD this dream business, I needed to get to work.

BEING aware of the problems and UNDERSTANDING them is where the turnaround for your business starts.

BEING aware and UNDERSTANDING are the first two steps in the 5-step process for BUILDing a better business. The next step is receiving the INFORMATION needed and getting INSTRUCTIONS about IMPLEMENTING this INFORMATION into your business. The I in BUILD is hard because it requires asking for help, and most construction guys don’t like to ask for help.

B = Being aware of problems

U = Understanding problems and how to fix them

I = Instruction and Implementation of systems and processes

This brings us to the L in BUILD…LEARNING.

LEARNING is the step that will take the longest and can be the hardest, but it’s also the most important. It is the one that leads to the biggest change. It’s a change from the way you have always done it. Most of us don’t like change. We’re comfortable wallowing here, doing things the way we always have.

Change will go faster if you have someone help you through the process.

LEARNING to build a building isn’t instantaneous. You don’t show up on a job site your first day knowing everything about building. You come back the second day and LEARN more and the third and the fourth. And years later you have LEARNED how to build.

Just like pouring concrete, framing a wall, pulling wire, soldering copper, shingling a roof, or installing flooring…after repeating the process over and over it becomes a part of who you are…you could do it in your sleep.

Building a business is the same. You can’t just wave a magic wand and have your business running like a well-oiled machine. It takes time and effort just like building a building does. This also becomes a part of who you are.

One of the greatest feelings ever is to step back and see a finished building project knowing that you did that. You built that.

You can get that same feeling about your business. If you put in the effort to learn the systems and processes, you will be able to step back and know that you built that business of your DREAMS.

This is the D in 5-step BUILD process. The DELIVERY of the DREAM. This is where all the hard work pays off.

If you would like some help BUILDing your DREAM business and receive a free 30-minute consultation of your construction company, simply take this short survey.

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