Window Shopping…Really I Mean Shopping For Windows – Part 2

More Things to Consider When Buying Windows


If you are an information junkie and want all of the info you can get before making a decision about windows, then reading this series of blogs is for you. I think it is vital to learn as much as you can when a decision is as important and expensive as windows are.

My previous blog in this series, Window Shopping…Really I Mean Shopping For Windows – Part 1. I shared about the pros and cons of the different materials used in making windows. I also said the first thing to determine was the why behind window choices and how important this is. Help with determining the why can be found in How Do You Feel About Windows?


The next thing to consider is CONSTRUCTION – There are a lot of differences in how windows operate. You should give some thought to these differences to make sure that the windows match the style of the building. One thing to be aware of when considering the different construction styles is the screen. The screens can or will be only on the portion of the window where the sashes operate. They will be on the inside, if the windows hinge out (casement and awning) and on the outside if the windows slide (double hung, single hung and side sliding). The screen material can be steel, aluminum or fiberglass. These are all things to consider.

            Double Hung – These windows have two sashes and both slide up and down. These windows are probably the most common style due to the longevity and durability. This is in part because they having very few mechanical parts.double-hung-windows

            Single Hung – The same as double hung except that only one sash opens, normally the bottom one.

            Sliding – Side sliding windows work the same as either double or single hung windows except they slide sideways.

Casement – These windows crank open and are hinged from one side. Because of this, they have more mechanical parts. They typically seal better due to the fact that they swing and when the wind blows against them they are pushed tighter against the weather seal.casement-windows

            Awning – Operate similar to the casement windows, but open from the bottom and are hinged on the top. They have the same benefits and concerns of the casements as well.

            Fixed – A fixed window is just that, it doesn’t open. These are commonly used for picture, center bay or areas where large pieces of glass are wanted. Fixed windows will have the most shape flexibly of any.

I hope you find this ‘Window Shopping’ information helpful. The third and final post in this series which is about design will be out in a few weeks so be looking for it.

If you need any additional window information or have other construction project questions, please let me know in the comments.

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