What is it About TOOLS That Building Contractors Love So Much?

Wielding a Power Tool Gives Us a Sense of Control and Respect

Last week we discussed how to build the construction company of your dreams with a plan and the right tools. We talked about how scary it is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. We also discussed how this plodding back and forth can get us stuck in a rut.

You need some powerful business building tools to help you get out of your rut.

The feeling of that power in our hands is amazing. We are in control, but the machine can never be tamed. We have to respect it, or we will regret it. We pretend to be in charge of the “power tool beast”, but we know better.

Power and control

  • Power tools have the power to create. When the power tools come out, we have no idea what is about to happen. Every time we connect with that much electricity, a child-like excitement oozes from our pores.
  • Power tools have an untamed spirit that screams: “Anything can happen.” Turning on a generator makes you feel like you are The Generator. For a few minutes, you’re off the grid and in-charge. You have the power and can decide who you will bestow it upon.
  • Power tools let us pretend that we can do anything. Don’t fool yourself, your power tool is in charge! Just look at the sticker on your SAWZALL: “Warning this device is powerful and is capable of doing serious harm to your home, your person, or your entire way of life.

Meditate on the raw power, the Amps and the Volts. Be in awe and imagine where your power tools may take you.

This fascination with tools is very similar to the reason most guys would take almost any ridiculous “man challenge” for the promise of a gold sticker on their forehead and “buddy cred”.

“Hey, I bet you can’t crush that can with your head!” Sound familiar?

Hopefully, most of us are smarter than this.

As builders we love the rush we get from building something. That sense of accomplishment that comes from creating a dream home out of that stack of boards. Tools give us the power and control to do this.

A tool that is even more powerful than the biggest, meanest chop saw is the Blueprint for Building a Better Proposal.

I know it doesn’t make as much noise or make your arm numb after using it all afternoon, but it’s a tool that will allow you to build your business into a skyscraper of success.

The hardest thing you will ever build is a business. The tools used for this kind of building are different than what we normally think of when thinking tools.

During my forty plus years of building my business, I’ve continually worked to achieve and maintain a sense of control over my profit and build the successful company of my dreams.

Just like any other building project, it’s important to have tools and know which ones to use in specific applications. You wouldn’t use a cordless screw gun to saw a board, or a reciprocating saw to nail down a shingle.

You can saw a board with a hand saw or you can use a circular saw. We both know which is faster, easier, and makes more sense.

The same thing is true when building a business…you need to have the right tools.

Why is it that we builders are so stubborn when it comes to trying something new and different. Business building power tools sound too good to be true.

You can use the old school “guesstimation” method or you could use the new and improved Building a Better Proposal power tool.

It’s important to have the right tools for the job.

Maybe you uncover some termite damage, or your customer decides after the project has started that they would like to do some additional work.

These kinds of things happen on construction projects quite often. This presents you with the option of moving forward without giving your customer a price or preparing a change order.

I know it’s another one of those uncomfortable “get out of the rut” kind of situations.

What if there was a power tool for preparing a change order…oh that’s right, there is! It’s called Building a Better Change Order.

These are just two of the power tools that will be available for you in the digital Business BUILDing Toolbox. We plan to have these tools and more available later this month.

If you or someone you know would like to feel the power of a tool that provides control for building a successful construction business, while respecting that power without regret…stay tuned for updates on when we open the lid on the Business BUILDing Toolbox.

If you have questions about how these business building power tools could help you build the business of your dreams, you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation here.

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