Don’t Let Discouragement Stop You from Being Successful

It’s One of Satan’s Most Powerful Tools

Life can be overwhelming if we let it. Most of us are trying to do more than there’s time for. Trying to get control of this runaway train can be discouraging.

There is a story about Satan having a yard sale. He spread out all his favorite tools on tables and placed prices on each. One buyer purchased a sparkling well-kept tool labeled anger for a reasonable price. Another bought a slightly worn jealousy tool for a little more. All day long people came and went, near the end of the day a man saw an old tool laying on a table in the back. It was rusted and worn, the hinges squeaked, and the handle was partly broken, but the price tag was exuberant! It cost a lot more than any of the other tools. Even lust has gone cheaper. “Why is this so high?” the perspective buyer asked. “Ahhh” replied Satan, “That is my most effective and often used piece of equipment and I hesitate to let it go. Christians can eventually get over almost all of my other weapons. They can recover from lust, greed, and envy. But this tool works quietly without them even being aware I am using it. I can slip it in and keep them defeated for a lifetime. That tool is ‘discouragement’” he hissed. “I remind them of their sins and failures. Of how weak they truly are and they never even know what I am doing.”

Satan Having a Yard Sale

Don’t let Satan use this ‘tool’ in your life!

We are so easily convinced we don’t have what it takes. I can’t do that…who am I kidding. The more time we spend thinking these thoughts the bigger they seem.

A boy was walking through the woods and came upon a house that belonged to a witch. As he approached the witch turned in to a black cat and started chasing him. The boy ran and every time he turned to look the cat was bigger. Then he stumbled and fell and when got up he was looking the cat in the eye. The cat just stood there looking back. Then the boy took a step toward the cat and the cat got smaller. Another step and it got smaller again. Then the boy started chasing the cat. The whole time the cat continued to shrink until it got back to the house when it turned into a mouse and was never seen again.

Our fears aren’t as big when we face them head on.

Don’t let your fears or doubts discourage you and keep you from doing the great things God has planned for you.

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