The Power of the Wind is Amazing

You Can Only See It Through Its Results

We can’t see the wind. The only way to know if there is any, is when we see things being moved around. Wind can be a gentle cool refreshing breeze, or it can be a strong storm like fury.

We’ve all heard of the amazing stories of things like wheat straw being driven into highline poles and animals and people being blown several hundred yards from where they started and living through it. I witness things like jewelry and important heirlooms remaining on open surfaces in homes that were destroyed by tornados. The wind can refresh us or move us to where it wants us to go.

If we will work with the wind rather than fighting against it, we can accomplish amazing things.

In 1848 when trying to figure out how to get the first cable across the Niagara River it was determined that a kite contest might be the answer.

“There was a tremendous turn out for the kite contest that was held in January of 1848. The kites began appearing on the Canadian side of the gorge, taking advantage of prevailing winds from West to East. The first to succeed in spanning the gorge with his kite, named the ‘Union’, was fifteen-year-old American, Homan Walsh. Homan crossed to the Canadian side of the gorge by ferry just below Niagara Falls, and walked the two miles along the top of the cliff to the location that the bridge was to be built. Homan had to wait a day for the wind to cooperate; it was a kite contest after all! However, on the second day, the winds were perfect and Homan’s kite went right up and flew high above the gorge.” The Kite that Bridged a River, by M. Robinson.

In last week’s post Give Light to the World by Spreading “The Fire”, I referred to the Holy Spirit as fire. In that same Scripture, Acts 2:2-4, the Holy Spirit is also referred to as wind.

That Holy Spirt can breathe life into dead bones and dead people, Ezekiel 37:4-6, 11-14. We are dry and dead like the bones in Ezekiel. We need His breath breathed into us.

We need the Holy Spirit to blow us to do the right things, to love our neighbors and to be the hands and feet of God.

When the wind of God blows, amazing things happen!

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