How Do We Stop Being Sucked into the Center of the Vortex?

By Knowing That We’re in One and Not Letting it Happen

Life is like a giant whirlpool spinning around at a high rate of speed. It’s constantly working to pull us down, with little hope of ever getting out.

This sounds a little “gloom and doom” doesn’t it?

That is not my intention. Actually, my intention is just the opposite.

You can control where you are in your vortex.

A vortex is a place or situation seen as drawing into its center all that surrounds it and therefore being inescapable or destructive. Sound familiar?

A big part of the problem with this whirlpool we call life, is not even being aware we’re in it. We get started in the slow-moving shallows of our daily routines. We gradually begin moving faster and faster, getting closer and closer to the center.  Then one day we’re so dizzy we can’t see straight. We look up and realize…we’re about to be sucked under.

So…how do we prevent this from happening?

In our mastermind this past week, part of the discussion involved the short sightedness of people…especially those of us who are self-employed. Too often we get so busy in our daily actions we neglect to look around and see where we are.

Or, in our search to be better, we get caught up in the hot new things (app, program, training, etc.) and lose sight of where we want to go and what we want to do.

To have a clear vision of where we’re going, we need to periodically step back out of the fast-moving whirlwind and take a look from above. This view gives us clarity of what’s going on.

Imagine how God sees things as He looks on from Heaven.

It’s a big picture view. We’re so close to what we’re doing that that’s all we see. We don’t see the big picture. We need to get with God and take a look from His location.

This is part of what I use by daily journaling time for. This intentional stepping away from the daily high-speed vortex allows me to see how close I’m getting to the black hole of no return.

It’s less about the content of the journal and more about intentionally stopping and looking up.

Whatever works for you, I highly recommend that you find some type of intentional process for checking to see how close you are to being sucked into the vortex before it’s too late.

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