Trick or Treat…Is Halloween a Holiday or a Life Experience?


Halloween is a holiday that many people either really like or really don’t. For some it is an adrenaline filled experience of haunted houses and heart pounding excitement. For others it’s pull the blankets up over the head and hide until it’s over. Then there’s the whole fantasy filled dress up and pretend to be someone else for a little while. Oh and don’t forget all of the sweet, fun treats that can be had by going up to a door, knocking and asking.

As Halloween approaches it occurs to me that there are a lot of similarities between this holiday and everyday life, especially for those of us who are self-employed.

coxkoachpicture2Just like going into a haunted house, we know there are going to be things that are going to jump out and scare us. It makes our heart pound and our palms sweaty. Then it comes down to the decision of going ahead or not. Just like life choices that we consider, like starting a new business, entering into a relationship or which college to go to. These things can be scary, but think of the exciting possibilities.

We could however just cover up our heads and close our eyes to the world around us. Sure life can234215709_84d878750b_o be scary, but really, is that blanket going to protect us if something is really out there? There is so much life to be experienced if we are just willing to uncover our head and join in. This doesn’t mean that bad things can’t happen. I just think rather than hiding by ourselves in the corner, it’s better to get out there and live.

Dressing up in a costume and pretending to be someone or something else can be fun too. It is an opportunity to step out of reality for a little while, to get out of the daily grind of everyday responsibilities. It is okay to role play, to step out of your comfort zone or to expand your boundaries. You just want to be careful to be honest and true to who you really are. It can get really hot in that costume if you leave it on too long.

8143286420_a708665b1f_oThat brings us to the treats part, my favorite part (I do have a bit of a sweet tooth). How cool is it that all you have to do, to get candy and other goodies is to just go up to someone’s door, ring the bell and they will give them to you? This is how most people are… they are willing to share some of what they have with you. If we need some help, we just have to ask. Sure there are going to be some whose porch lights are off, but way more are on than off. In Matthew 7:7 in the Bible it says “Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.” God’s porch light is always on and He has some great treats.

Life is a little like Halloween, but don’t be so afraid that you miss out on the exciting fun.

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