It’s Amazing How Much the Little Things Can Change the Big Picture

Small Things Can Make a Big Difference, So Do Your Part to Make it the Best

This past Sunday we had the Vacation Bible School program at church. As I watched those small children performing and sharing what they learned during the week, I was reminded of the importance of small things.

VBS has had such a huge effect on so many kids over the years, me being one of those. In this big, fast-paced world it’s so easy to lose sight of the little things.

Big things are made up of small things.

Regardless of what the big thing is…it can look and feel overwhelming. Most of us feel so small and insignificant that we don’t move forward, doing the things we should. We’re convinced we don’t have what it takes, or that what we can do won’t make any difference, or that nobody cares about what we have to offer, or…you get the picture.

The big oak tree starts out as an acorn. The field of wheat starts from small seeds. God’s Kingdom is built one seed at a time. Just like the tree in the forest or the stalk of wheat in the field…we’re not alone. The building of His Kingdom is not up to us only.

God provides us with the opportunities to build great things, the actions are up to us.

As I was thinking about the importance of small things, I once again was reminded of Andy Andrews and one of his books. Does my infatuation with Andy’s stuff border on addition? 😊

The Little Things, Why Your Really Should Sweat the Small Stuff is another great book and speaks to the importance of little things.

Andy’ perspective on principles that empower the human mind and spirit embodies his own approach to life and work. In this book he offers material that he uses to teach and coach some of the most successful corporations, teams, and individuals around the world. In his unique humorous style, Andy shows how people succeed by actually going against the modern adage, “don’t sweat the small stuff”.  By contrast, Andy proves that it is in concentrating on the smaller things that we add value and margin.

“In a world where so many feel powerless, wouldn’t it be great to feel in control?

 . . . that one tiny thing that, when understood and harnessed, allows us to create a life of extraordinary purpose and powerful results. It’s less about drive and will power than it is about understanding certain principles and why they work . . . every time.

Small things make a big difference. When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. We need to unite and tie up some lions.

God’s Kingdom is built one block at a time. The little things that we do regularly are the building blocks of that Kingdom