Love is a Superpower That Needs to be Used

It’s One Thing That Separates Us from Machines

There are as many different opinions about how to deal with the current virus situation as there are people. Some people think computers could do a better job at making these decisions than politicians. Which might be true.

Computers are amazing and it has been said that artificial intelligence is going to continue to replace humans to a point making humans irrelevant. There is even experimenting with robot priests. This might be going a bit too far.

A senior Catholic sister and theologian, Franciscan Sister Ilia Delio who has two PhDs and a chair in theology at Villanova University, has suggested sophisticated robots could be used as priests. She points out that a robot would hold no bias, would be gender neutral and could transcend human divides. A robot would be able to learn blessings and rituals quickly and in various languages. It would be able to improve and expand based on past input.

Robots can’t experience the spiritual aspect of life. They can never experience the Holy Spirit.

Love is one thing that machines can’t experience. In John 14:15-21, Jesus tells us if we love Him and obey His commands, He will give us a Helper to be with us forever. This Spirit will not leave us alone.

Sacrifice is a part of life. Jesus sacrificed Himself because He loves us. Sacrifice is evidence of our love for Jesus and others. Love is powerful. Love changes lives.

When we love like Jesus, we become more like Him. Machines can’t do this.

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