Humble or Proud…Which Should I Be?

The Answer is Found in Knowing Who You’re Meant to Be

Humility and pride seem to be at odds. On the surface it appears that it has to be one or the other…that the two can’t coexist.

There’s no question that the Bible is full of scriptures that say pride is going to lead to destruction and that God is pleased with the humble.

Humility is being free from pride and arrogance and that would align with the scriptures. Pride on the other hand is the state of being proud.

There’s no argument that humility is good. My concerned is that if we take humility too far and never feel any pride…it leads to feeling worthless. How do we keep this from happening?

This is accomplished by knowing who we are and Whose we are.

I know that I deal with feelings of inadequacy and not being good enough. Everybody else is way better at this than I am. The other side of this is I don’t want to be arrogant and proud.

We have all been made in God’s image and put here for a specific purpose. Shouldn’t there be some pride in this? God does amazing things through us. Things that are hard to explain. Shouldn’t we be proud to serve God in these ways?

Our abilities don’t come from us…they come through us.

Knowing who we are and whose we are is key to balancing humility and pride. It’s all about remembering this.

2 Chronicles 7:14

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