God Cared Enough to Send the Very Best




We Should Do Nothing Less in Return


Hallmark Christmas movies are on at our house a lot this time of year. Typically, people either love these movies or can’t stand them. I’ve discussed this multiple times with different people over the past several weeks.


I think the dislike comes from a negative place…a place of, life isn’t filled with happy endings like every Hallmark movie ever made.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of Hallmark movie appreciation, you should admire the company’s clearness of vision. They are a private, family owned American company founded in 1910 and still going strong today. Their slogan, “When you care enough to send the very best.” was created in 1944 and has been used consistently ever since.

God cared enough to send the very best, when He sent His Son.

If God cares enough for us to do this, we should incorporate a version of the Hallmark slogan into our own lives. To “Care enough to give the very best.” Every day we should be giving our very best to God and to others.


This doesn’t mean that every day is going to be sunshine and lollypops. It means that even when things aren’t going so well, we can still give our very best in that situation. It’s an attitude and we can control it.

Just like in the Hallmark movies bad things are exaggerated by people making presumptions or decisions without all the facts. Too many times we do the same thing in real life. Hallmark does have an advantage of experienced writers. We can write our own happy ending too.


If we accept the Very Best (Jesus) that was sent to us by God and in return live our very best (accept Him as our personal savior) as explained in the Bible, we can have a better than Hallmark happy ending of eternity in Heaven.


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