Faith Sharing; Stories from the Church Family and the Importance of Connection

The Need for Relationships with Others Goes All the Way Back to the Beginning

This past Sunday was another faith sharing Sunday. Pastor Lee shared stories from the congregation about the life affecting interactions with the people in the church.

God said that it wasn’t good for us to live alone so…

He made a partner for Adam. Someone to go through life’s struggles with and share in the joys. Genesis 2:18

There is no question how important it is to interact with other people. This is as evident as ever over the past couple of years.  The separation that many people have experienced has been difficult. As people have tried to cope with separation there has been an increase of suicides and drug overdoses.

Spending time with others is vital to our wellbeing. I have a friend who is developing a program for being the best version of ourselves. Part of this course includes CONNECT-ability. This shows how important the connection with other people is to us being our best.

One of the things she shares is Maslow’s Hierarchy which shows the five levels of human needs to be the most completely satisfied. This hierarchy starts at the bottom with the need to have our most basic needs of survival met. The second is security; having a job, stable income, savings, etc.

Third is LOVE AND BELONGING – this addresses the social need of belonging. We are social creatures that crave interaction with others. When deprived of this, individuals experience loneliness and depression.

This connection may not even be a direct one. Sometimes it happens from a distance.

People see how we act and if those actions are consistent with things we say.

It’s also not restricted to adults. Pastor Lee shared a joke that one young man of the church wrote. It is evident that he has a connection because he heard this in church.

The joke –

If Jesus went to the Temple to learn and the Temple is the House of God…does this mean that Jesus was home schooled.

His connection with the church is part of him becoming who he’s meant to be.

Interacting with others makes us better people. Proverbs 27:17 As we join together in love, we will be wonderfully blessed. Colossians 2:2-3 Whenever two or three of us come together in His name, He will be there. Matthew 18:20

Fellowship, relationships and connection to one another are foundational for our wellbeing, growing and becoming who we are designed to be.

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