Building Blocks in The Foundation of a Good Life

Communication, Commitment and Compassion Should Be Three of Them


Whether it’s a family, a business or your life you’re working on, these three C’s should be included in the foundation. They need to be included in your foundation if you are going to build well.

Communication – is not about just being heard but more importantly about hearing. We are surrounded by so much noise we can barely hear ourselves think. Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to connect with people around the world, but this isn’t ‘communication’.

Just like what happened on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-13, when the Holy Spirit came to the Apostles. They began to speak and even though there were people from every country, they could each understand in their own language. Even though someone is speaking to us in a language that we know, are we really hearing and understanding?

Communication is more about listening than talking.


Commitment – is the level of which we are dedicated to a cause or activity. You’ve heard it said that actions speak louder than words. It certainly is easier to say we’re going to do something than it is to actually do it. We often say things before we evaluate what the action is going to cost.


The Hell’s Angels have a creed that they are family and they will live, fight and die together. Their purpose may not be the best, but they are definitely ‘committed’ to it.

Our commitment is revealed by where we spend our time and money.

Compassion – is when we show genuine concern for someone else’s situation. It is putting ourselves in their place, “walking in their shoes”. This is difficult, not because we don’t want to, but because we get consumed by our own lives.

Part of what we have been put here to do, our purpose, is to serve others. Serving others requires us to look at things from their point of view. What is it that they want or need and how can we best help them to achieve it?

Building your life with these three building blocks in the foundation will provide a solid life.

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