An Update of Our Progress on the Blog Post to Podcasting Journey

Like Any Project That Has Some Size…It Takes Some Time to Build

A few weeks back I told you about my plans to convert my blog posts into podcasts. We started by discussing the WHY question. We came up with the answer of – being able to help more busy people find solutions for building their dreams.

Next, we talked about HOW we would ever get blog posts turned into podcasts. It was determined that if I was going to do this…I was going to need some help, i.e., Nic at AdWise Creative. Nic’s help has made a huge difference in what we were able to accomplish.

Then, we reviewed our progress, which included –

  • Having written the intro and outro for the construction company focused podcasts
  • My recording of the construction company focused intro and outro
  • Nic having put together the intro and outro sound effects
  • Nic combining the intro, outro, sound effects and reading of the blog post into a preliminary episode

This got us to a point considered WHAT the next step of the journey would be. Which included –

  • Designing artwork for the podcast landing page – check
  • Researching and deciding where we would host the podcasts – check
  • Recording more construction company focused episodes – check
  • Write the intro and outro for the construction customer focused podcasts – check
  • Record the intro and outro for the construction customer focused podcasts

This is good progress. Four of the five things on that list are done and the things on this list aren’t easy.

Like I wrote about in the second post in this series, I would need some help to pull this off. Thanks to my assistant Katie and Stacey my IT specialist at Custom Internet for their help in getting the first couple of things on the list moved forward to where we are.

Let’s take a look at these things that we done.

First is the Solution Building podcast landing page. I’m very happy with the way this page has turned out. Thank you, Katie and Stacey, for all of your hard work on this beautiful site!

Before we could even have a podcast, we needed to decide where we host them. We decided on Castos as our podcast hosting site. There were a few reasons we chose them, but the main ones are…their connectivity with WordPress, which is the host platform of our other websites, unlimited storage of content, both audio and video, and an affordable price.

Yes, we have more recorded episodes done and you can listen to them here.

We’re still working on the intro and outros for the customer and life building podcasts. We also are working on getting the podcast page connected to our AWeber account. This will let people know when the most recent episode become available.

We’ll keep you updated as we go forward.

Go check out the podcasts and let me know what you think.

Mile Markers on the Way to Your Destination

It’s Important to Measure Your Progress as You Go

If you aren’t intentional about your actions, you will find yourself being distracted by shinny objects. This doesn’t mean that shiny things aren’t worth the distraction. What it does mean is…you lost your focus. Unless your mission for achieving your vision involves finding shiny objects…ignore it and focus on your destination.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed how a Goal Prioritization System is similar to a GPS in your vehicle. If you put in the right information, it will help you reach your destination. How to determine your destination by opening your mind to big dreams and discovering what your purpose is. And then how to turn your dream into a clear vision.

Setting goals and taking action is the best way to reach your destination.

Just like taking a trip in your vehicle, you should always be aware of where you are in relation to where you are coming from and going to. You need to constantly be paying attention to your fuel level, where the fuel stops are, how fast you’re going, where the rest stops are located, etc. The same is true for traveling through life heading to your destination.

In the last post I shared my dreams for the future and the vision of where I plan to be in seven years. I’ve always been a big dreamer, but big dreams don’t happen without action. For me the next step is the hardest to implement.

Dreaming is a lot easier than doing.

Everything I do should be advancing me toward my dream destination. If not, then I shouldn’t do it. This is critical, but hard for me. By nature, I want to do it all. I need to be intentional about not chasing shiny.

To reach my vision it is going to require a lot of different pieces and specific measurements. For today’s example we’ll look at expanding my customer base.

In my vision I state:

…“reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world”…

How are we going to expand our customer base from 32 to “hundreds of thousands of people” by the end of 2027? To do this, we need a plan with some ways to track the progress.

If we can increase the number by 200% each year, this can be accomplished. That seems like a pretty big number…and it is.

  • 2020 – 32 x 200% = 64 + 32 = 96
  • 2021 – 96 x 200% = 192 + 96 = 288
  • 2022 – 288 x 200% = 576 + 288 = 864
  • 2023 – 864 x 200% = 1,728 + 864 = 2,592
  • 2024 – 2,592 x 200% = 5,184 + 2,592 = 7,776
  • 2025 – 7,776 x 200% = 15,552 + 7,776 = 23,328
  • 2026 – 23,328 x 200% = 46,656 + 23,328 = 69,984
  • 2027 – 69,984 x 200% = 139,968 + 69,984 = 209,952

At first this looks impossible. If you stop and think about it…all it takes is for everyone to just bring 2 new people to the group.

That doesn’t seem so impossible.

Let’s break this down some more. If we’re going expand our customer base by 64 people by the end of 2020, we need to add 8 new people each month from now to the end of the year. Up to this point this process is still fun…for me.

What really makes this process the most difficult is that the customer base is just one small piece of the overall vision. In addition to the customers we need to have something to sell that they want to buy. We need to balance the physical construction projects with the development of products and services. We need to keep the invoicing done and the bills paid. And on and on…

If one thing isn’t working, it’s time to try something new. Don’t give up. It is easy to be overwhelmed when looking at the big picture. It’s no different than taking a big trip. You have a dream, you determine the destination, you map out the route…

But if you don’t go by some mile markers, you’re never going to get there.