Home Maintenance Plan and Checklist


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Home Maintenance Plan with Checklist

This free download includes a complete home maintenance plan and checklist.

Taking care of your home can become a daunting task. Our home maintenance plan and checklist will help you make that task easier by letting you know everything you need to take care of your home! 

With seasonal tasks to help you care for your home during every season.




A Home Maintenance Plan Complete with Checklist 

I don’t think anyone likes it when something plugs up, leaks or quits working, especially at home. Home is supposed to be the place where we go to get away from the troubles, not deal with them.  

Routine maintenance is a good way to minimize these costly disruptions.  

Nothing is permanent. Everything wears out and deteriorates over time. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your home and that sizable investment. Closing your eyes or looking the other way doesn’t make it go away.  

Home maintenance – Prevents breakdowns, saves money and keeps your home in the best possible condition. This regularly scheduled review can expose conditions that might not otherwise be found. This reduces mental, physical and financial stress and strain. 

Seasons happen every year and are a natural part of life. Each of these seasons presents different weather conditions and temperatures which effect your home in varying ways. We also use calendars to schedule our lives. Combining these two things into a seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist breaks a big responsibility into small manageable scheduled tasks. 


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